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Protect Your Interests During Divorce

At the law firm, our role is to protect your interests during divorce. This can be complicated as your immediate interests likely differ from your long-term goals. Our attorneys take great care to help you strike the right balance. Recognize that there is a life to be lived after the divorce is completed, we want to make certain that the steps taken now will set the stage for a future that you can be happy with.

Since 1989, our lawyers have been handling divorce matters for people in Travis County. If you want a lawyer who will zealously fight for you to the last penny, we can do that. We have done that. However, our experience has taught us that doing so rarely results in a net economic gain for our clients. More often, negotiating an informed and reasonable settlement delivers greater economic value to our clients. We will review the alternatives with you to help you choose the path that makes the most sense for you.

The Divorce Timeframe

There is no set timeframe for divorce. A divorce can be completed in just under four months or as long as three years, depending not only on the issues involved, but on whether or not those issues can be agreed upon. Issues involved include:

First, it is important to understand that there are two types of divorce: fault based on marital misconduct and no-fault. There is rarely any strategic reason to sue for divorce based on marital misconduct, so the vast majority of divorces in Texas are no-fault divorces.

There are two grounds, or bases, upon which a no-fault divorce can be granted: mutual consent and two-year separation. In a “mutual consent” divorce, the parties wait 90 days from service of the divorce complaint on the defendant and then sign affidavits confirming their consent to be divorce. The affidavits are then submitted to the court together with ancillary paperwork and the court then issues a decree. In a “two-year separation” divorce, a complaint is filed and served together with an affidavit confirming that the parties have lived separately for two years. If the defendant does not deny the allegations in the complaint, the court can have authority to enter a decree. Essentially, the fewer issues that are disputed, the faster you can get from married to divorced. Whether there are disputes or not, you can be confident that we will keep moving forward until your needs are met.

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