Grandparents’ Rights

Rights of Grandparents to See Their Grandchildren

The issue of grandparents’ rights is an evolving area of the law. Texas has made it clear that maintaining relationships between grandparents and grandchildren is valuable for children although consideration must be given to the impact of doing so on the parent-child relationship. At the law firm, we are experienced in this area of the law. We are proud to stand up for the rights of grandparents in Lancaster County.

The Grandparents’ Rights Statute

The issue of grandparents’ rights is so important that there is actually a set of statutes that address these rights. The statutes establish the authority of the court to grant child custody to grandparents as long as the arrangements don’t interfere with parental relationships. These statutes confirm our Legislature’s recognition of the importance of maintaining relationships between grandparent and grandchildren after a parent has died or the parents have separated. It also covers the general rights of grandparents to see grandchildren.

Judges in Lancaster County are increasingly concerned with the rights of grandparents, so you can expect that your case will not be overlooked. Society is beginning to understand the importance of relationships between grandparents and grandchildren.

Our law firm has been serving this community since 1929. We understand the law and are able to move forward to get results, even in evolving areas, such as grandparents’ rights. You can be confident in our ability to help you preserve your grandchild’s relationship with you.

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