At the law firm, our focus is on the needs of the people of Travis County, Texas. Our commitment to the community runs generations deep. This is where we live. This is where we have lived. This is where we practice law.

Our office is across the street from the Travis County Courthouse, where we spend much of our time advocating for our clients in front of the six judges that preside over family law cases there, and working with the three conference officers who serve there.

Many families have become part of our lives as we have helped them through stressful situations, such as divorces, child custody and child support disputes. Our attorneys are here to become a positive part in your life by helping you find solutions to the family law problems you face.

Talent and Education

Although, according to former President Calvin Coolidge, “Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence,” we believe that talent and education cannot be overlooked. These are qualities that you will find at our law firm.

Our lawyers have held leadership positions in prominent legal organizations, such as the Texas Bar Association. They have been educated at prestigious institutions, such as Dartmouth College, Lehigh University and Villanova University School of Law. They have helped countless people through stressful family law cases over the course of many years.

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