Mothers’ Rights & Fathers’ Rights

Rights are Equal in Travis County

There is something of a myth that courts are biased toward mothers in child custody cases. At the law firm we can say with confidence that the rights of mothers and fathers are equal in Lancaster County.

Our experience here in Lancaster County has confirmed time and again that our judges can be relied upon to apply the law without gender bias based on each judge’s perception of the best interests of the child at issue.

Trends are Different Than Biases

The myth that mothers’ rights and fathers’ rights differ may have come into existence because of very real parenting trends. The reality is that mothers have traditionally been the primary caregivers. Children tend to look to primary caregivers for nurturing and support, so courts have tended to favor mothers in child custody disputes.

However, trends are changing. The stereotypes of the “stay at home mom” and “the dad as the sole breadwinner” are fading. Our attorneys know this. Our judges know this. As a result, whether you are the mother or the father, you can expect to walk into the courtroom and have a level playing field.

Your child custody case will not be based on whether you are the child’s mother or father. Your case will be based on the extent of involvement you have had in your child’s life and on the role that you have played in raising your child or children, on their best interests. The goal is to maintain that role. You can expect us to help you achieve it.

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