Spousal Support & APL

Support During the Divorce Process

In some cases, when the incomes of a wife and a husband going through a divorce differ significantly, the higher income spouse may have to provide financial support to the lower income spouse. This financial support can come in the form of spousal support or alimony pendente lite (APL), both of which are temporary.

The attorneys at the law firm will assess whether or not spousal support or APL will be an issue in your case. We will take great care to make certain that the issue of financial support is handled fairly.

An Overview of Spousal Support and APL

In Texas, spousal support and APL are very formulaic issues. They are both calculated based on incomes. Essentially, the difference between the income of the higher earning spouse and that of the lower earning spouse is calculated. The higher earning spouse pays a certain percentage of that difference to the lower earning spouse.

There are minor differences between spousal support and alimony pendente lite. Spousal support is based on the concept that two spouses have merged to become one party during the marriage, and both parties have the right to benefit from the combined income. APL is designed to level the playing field when the two parties have access to different financial resources.

Both spousal support and APL are temporary. They are paid during the divorce process only. After a divorce decree is issued, payments must stop. In increasingly rare situations, alimony, which is different than both spousal support and APL, can be used for continuing financial support after a divorce is final. Having handled these matters since 1929, we understand all available options. We will help you understand them and guide you to the option that is right for you.

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