How long can I expect to pay or receive spousal support ?

Well that’s a million-dollar question isn’t it? Spousal support is determined by the length of the relationship and the types of roles that the parties played within the relationship.

The courts also going to look at factors such as the age of the parties and any disparity between their incomes.

There’s actually specialized software that will calculate it for you, and that’s what we use at our office.

It’s the same software that the courts use.

However a lot of people like to look it up online and it’s important to note that any online calculators are going to be based in America.

Our laws aren’t the same and so they’re not necessarily going to apply.

It’s important to remember though that the software only gives you a baseline.

Every separating couple will probably have a different outcome when it comes to spousal support.

There’s so many different situations and so many unique scenarios that it’s crucial to have a professional assisting you.

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