Same-sex divorce leads to custody battle

At issue is a 6 year boy born to lesbian parents who are now divorced.

The child was a result of in vitro fertilization and a Rankin county judge ruled the sperm donor has parental rights , not the mother’s former partner.

A controversial case before the Mississippi supreme court. It is tough but i am glad to be here today. Scott: does Christine Strickland have parental rights to a child born to her then her former partner Kimberly day? the child was created through in vitro fertilization.

But a Rankin county court judge ruled that the sperm donor had writes not  Strickland was left off of the child’s birth certificate. She came to this court because i think she wanted to make this a same sex, equal protection case.

Scott: attorneys for the mother of the child contend the Rankin county judge was right.The way i understand the law in Mississippi there is a father and mother, somewhere whether , whether there is an egg or sperm donor.

You have to terminate somebody’s rights. You can’t have 3 parents. Mississippi discriminated against this couple by preventing them from being recognized as a married couple.

That law has now been struck down. Scott: the child was born two years before Strickland and day separated. Her attorney argued before the high court that Strickland should have the same parental rights a father would if his wife was artificially inseminated by another donor.

>> we are hopeful the court will come to a right conclusion and protect families in this case both same sex married couples , and different sex married couples.

Marriage is marriage, and whatever the result will be will impact all.

Scott: the attorney for the mother of the child claims Strickland should have sought to formally adopt the child after it was born, not years after their divorce.

The high court’s ruling could have equal impact on artificial — in vitro fertilization cases,.

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